I have very little funds and need to go buy groceries tomorrow! I'm SUPER bored with the usual grilled/broiled chicken and veggies, tacos, kabobs, spaghetti, etc. We're trying to be healthy, so the least amount of processed foods, the better. And Pinterest seems to be full of recipes that contain a bajillion unhealthy ingredients, even though the recipes look DELICIOUS. (Pepperoni pizza casserole? Looks delicious, but SUPER not good for you! haha)

Can you help me? Do you have any healthy favorites you can share? (And please no quinoa! I tried it once, and my husband HATED it. Also, there needs to be some kind of meat involved. I tried a Meatless Monday thing, and he got all sad-faced because there was no meat. Ugh. He's so darn picky!)

Help me? Pretty please?

Cheap, Healthy Meal Ideas! Got Any To Share?