Guys, my book club starts tomorrow! I am so excited to start up. Related: I need a plethora of simple appetizers for upcoming meetings!

I know what I'm making tomorrow (actually, already made) so I'll share this one with you now. It's from Ina Garten, and it is incredibly easy but so sophisticated and fancy-looking. And delicious. Full recipe here.

What is your favorite go-to appetizer?

Basically what you do: thaw puff pastry and roll out a little. At the bottom half of the square, you spread some pre-made pesto and some chopped up sundried tomatoes. At the top half, you spread some room-temp goat's cheese and some toasted pinenuts. Fold top and bottom to meet in the middle, and then fold in half once again. Wrap in wax paper, and freeze for an hour minimum. Then slice. You can bake right then, or you can freeze again individually for later. I made them yesterday, but will bake right before book club tomorrow. They are always a hit!

So share with me some of your favorites! Ideally it would be something I can prep ahead, as book club is always on Tuesday. Ideally a finger food, no utensils needed, or a dip. Give me your best!

ETA: Vegetarian friendly is welcome as my co-bookclub-host is a vegetarian and I like to make things she can eat. :) She's actually pescatarian, I guess, technically so seafood is great too.