I love this guy.

Adding the vinegar trick to my morning hash!

TLDR version. my comments are not bolded.

Step #1: Choose Your Potatoes Wisely

russet or yukon gold

Step #2: Par-Cook Your Potatoes With Vinegar for Maximum Crispness

always par-cook!

Step #3: Add a Meat, Preferably Cured, and GET IT CRISP -

- highly recommend duck confit plus you can use the duck fat for step 4 (since duck fat by itself is expensive). I like pancetta/bacon as a cheaper alternative.

Step #4: Fry the Potatoes in Rendered Fat and Add More Fat Than You Think You Need

Step #5: Add Seasoning to Potatoes

i was given a meat seasoning salt/pepper mix but i use it for potatoes.

Step #6: Cook Potatoes, Meat, and Vegetables in Batches to Optimize

Step #7: Combine Ingredients Before Finishing

Step #8: Drain Eggs in a Strainer for Better Shape

Step #9: Baked, Fried, or Poached? Make Your Choice

Step #10: A Little More Oil Keeps the Eggs From Drying Out

Step #11: Top it Off Post-Bake!

FYI THIS TAKES A LONG TIME!!!!!!!! Don't try it if you're in a rush.