Room for Seconds

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Help!!!! This week stunk.

My neurologist lowered the boom and placed me on a gluten free diet. (See leaky brain syndrome for why.)

I spent Tuesday ready to cry, half heartedly trying to find a few GF foods and mixes. Bleah.


I'm a pretty good cook. I'm a damn good baker. Good bread has been my consolation and indulgence the lady few years as times have gotten increasingly lean.

Now all but a handful if my go-to recipes are out. (Or only bake for others.) I make great flour less chocolate cake and cookies, but the rest is a new frontier- a very very expensive and highly perishable frontier.

Please share your favorite GF products and recipes. I'm especially looking for whole grain, nutritious and traditional regional recipes that are gf without lots of overprocessed starches. Thx.

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