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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

FACT: Deep fried chicken hearts taste better than deep fried gizzards.

I have a love for offal. Not just because I am a kitty, but also because the world of innards is many, varied, and delicious, whereas in the muscle world the only variations you get are the intersections of muscle, fat, and connective tissue. I love getting whole food animals of the smaller variety and digging through their cooked carcasses for the good stuff, like that small livery brain looking thing that rests next to the spine of a chicken, the sweet and salty crunch of the eye of a crisp skinned salmon face, the firm-to-unctuous crunch of the cartilage on the small half of great ribs. Now, my human is 'Murrican as they come, with a love for big greedy bites of pure muscle. He's got to be in the mood for eating around bones. So I won't be making buffalo chicken feets anytime soon. However, he's not home right now, and there's a package of assorted chicken gizzards and hearts in the fridge. I want fried chicken, because I always want friend chicken, but I spent all my money on booze for my human yesterday. So fried chicken bits it is!

This is a totally conventional recipe, but one that you can break out the small frying pan for, instead of the big ol' cast iron. Also, as I said, the hearts taste better, but sadly the breading doesn't stay on as well as they do for the gizzards. Boo!


Bumble's Fried Chicken Bits

1 lb assorted chicken gizzards and hearts. Cut each gizzard in half, or so that they are one meaty nugget per piece. The straggly sinew you can leave on.


1 cup All Porpoise flours (No dolphins or whales or fillers allowed)

3 eggs plus 1/4 cup milk, beaten

1 tbs kosher salt + more for sprinkling post fry

1 tsp garlic powders

a sprinkling of chile powders

1. Fill an 8 inch skillet half way up with oil. Heat it to about 350 F

2. Mix the flours with the salt, garlics, and chile powders

3. Bread the bits: dip them in flours, then eggez, then flours

4. Fry the breaded bits in the hot oil, 3 minutes per side, or until each nugget is golden brown.


5. Put the fried bits on a pile of paper towels to drain the fat off, and sprinkle with kosher salt.

Serve with cold lemonade, quartered radishes and a pile of sriracha spiked mayo, and a pickle spear or two. Enjoy!

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