Fried tofu tacos are our house taco. We have this at least once a week (we’ve been known to have these two days in a row), and we never get sick of them. They’re really simple, and very satisfying. Basically, they are fried wedges of tofu slathered in BBQ sauce, topped with Chihuahua cheese, and slaw. Simple. Delicious. Easy. Let’s get started.

First, we need to make some slaw. You can use a bagged slaw mixture, but I find making my own is more economical, and I like my mix better. I start with finely shredded cabbage. Green or Red both work beautifully. I used Green for this dinner.

Next I add finely sliced baby peppers. I slice down the long edge on one side, then on the other so I have four sections. This gives me small enough slices of the peppers that integrate really well with the cabbage.

Then I grate a carrot and add it to the mix. This slaw would be really great with any of the “rainbow”carrots. Color is always good.


Then, finely slice some green onions and throw ‘em in the bowl. This is all by eye - I don’t really measure ingredients. For things like this I just trust my judgement. After all, it doesn’t involve vodka, so I think my judgement is okay on this.


This is pretty much all I put in my slaw. Some folks may want to add broccoli, or other vegetables. That’s fine. Whatever you typically use in your slaw, use it. At this point I mix up the slaw ingredients (I do this by hand - always remember to “wash” your hands first), and then add the dressing. I typically use a home-made slaw dressing (which is equal parts vegannaise, crema - which I think has a better texture than sour cream - garlic, salt and pepper, and a bit of lime juice), but this time I used a bottled dressing I happened to have in the fridge.

The next step is the the tofu. Now, I know a lot folks really dislike tofu, and I’m kind of with those people. I really don’t like the texture. However, I have found that buying/using “fried tofu” is a much different experience. Here’s what I use for these tacos:


It comes in “planks” about 1/2 an inch thick, and 2” x 3” wide. This package has five slices. I divide each slice into smaller slices, and I usually get four smaller slices from each “plank.”

I then fry the slices in a bit of olive oil, turning so both side of each slice get brown and crispy. I use a wok, but I use a wok for pretty much everything I cook. They’d be fine fried in a typical saute pan.


Once the slices are browned on both side I add the bbq sauce. I toss the slice so they’re all covered in sauce.

Once the tofu is cooked it’s assemblin’ time! Okay, this is where we have “the talk.” For the love of all that is holy and delicious, please use corn tortillas. Flour tortillas are just wrong for tacos (don’t argue with me. Just don’t). Corn is the only way to go. Here’s the brand I use: I understand you’ll have different option based on where you live, but I wanted to give them a shout-out because they’re the best tortillas I’ve ever had.


The thing about corn tortillas, for those of you who typically use flour, is that they’re really no good unless you toast them. They’ll fall apart if you try to use them right out of the package. I grill mine over my gas burner. If you don’t have a gas burner you can toast them in a sautee pan over low/medium heat.


Once you toast the tortillas, put a couple slices of the fried tofu in each tortilla, top with shredded chihuahua cheese, and then top with the slaw.

At this point I think you know what to do. Shove’em in your face! Enjoy.