Hi There!

So, to continue on my raw food series for the week, I thought I would share to simply and easily juice using a blender and then share a super affordable and easy recipe to start.

Many raw food enthusiasts own both a juicer and a blender. If you have the money and time, that's fine! The thing is, unless you really commit to juicing all the time owning a juicer can become a guilt induced waste of space on your countertop. So if you own a blender, you can actually make juice. I have found that the timing is about the same with prep and cleaning. Below, I will show photos so you can get an idea of how to do this.

Here is a simple juice combo you can find at a juice bar: carrot apple ginger. So, see I have about 3 medium sized carrots, broken in half, knob of ginger and a small apple. (no pictured: a Deglet Noor date, which makes this really rich and sweet.) To filter the juice, I have a fine mesh nut milk bag (you can use a clean old pantyhose leg or cheesecloth) and a clean jar.


Here is my Monolith like blender, the VitaMIx 5200. You do not NEED a Vitamix; Blendtec will do OR any strong high speed blender. You will need tot cut the produce in smaller pieces if not using a BlendTec or VitaMix.

The whole set up. You guys now know I have beige carpet, knockoff modern chairs and a recycling bag! :-P


Okay, all the produce in the blender ( the knob of ginger was way too much, so cut it in half) and I added about 4 ounces of water to assist in blending. After that, I put on the lid and let her rip. On the VitaMix, I moved the knob slowly to 10 while using the tamper to move the produce down. I then flipped the switch from Variable to High. On other blenders, depending on the knobs, you may need to program it for smoothie or place on high. This all took about 45 seconds.


Now, with the fine results I get with the VitaMix, I could just add ice and drink as is (I do this many times) BUT if this was greens, I wanted a more clear juice. So I poured the blended juice into the nut milk bag, and gently strained the juice into the jar:


Here is the finished result:

I drank off this all day today. Very refreshing over ice, or you can make this in winter and warm it as an alternative to tea or coffee as a afternoon pick me up. You can also blend this with almond milk, banana, ice and a sprinkle of cinnamon for a very yummy smoothie that will taste like the best carrot cake EVER, but in liquid form.


This method is very applicable to making a green juice- cut your greens in smaller pieces, cut your fruit, add water and filter. There you go- a filtered juice that will stay fresh for up to 2-3 days!

This method is not all that dissimilar to the Norwalk press method, except you will need to knead the nut milk bag instead instead of having the press doing doing the work:Norwalk Juicer demo- note that machine still turns the produce into a slurry, it is put into a bag and then machine presses the juice.

Bonus: There are about 1000000 demos on how to make nut/seed/grain milks in your blender, so I did not do a demo. But here is one of my favorite whole food authors, Tess Masters, on how to make Almond Milk in your blender:

Enjoy! See you tomorrow!