Yum! happened because I don’t actually like White Zinfandel very much. We were entertaining two weeks ago, and someone who isn’t a big drinker brought over a bottle of White Zinfandel to drink herself and left half the bottle in our fridge.

It sat there for a week taking space up because not only am I not a fan of white zin, neither mr. lurker or I are drinking much at all right now so if we’re going to drink something it will be something we actually want. (Like a nice robust red with our steak.) Then groceries happened, and there was no longer room in the fridge, so it got moved to the counter where it’s been sitting for a week because I’d feel bad pouring it down the sink.

Then yesterday I was putting together a salad to go with some salmon. I’d already drizzled a bit of balsamic glaze on, but I saw the bottle of wine on the counter, thought “that must be halfway to vinegar by now” and then thought “hmmm... rosé wine vinegar” and drizzled a little bit on my salad.


Yum! you guys! I’d make sure to put it on just shortly before eating, but leftover white zinfandel makes a really good salad dressing, particularly when there’s a bit of balsamic glaze and feta cheese involved.

This morning, the bottle’s still sitting on the counter with plenty in it, and I notice that some peaches I have are getting a bit overripe. So, I just stewed some peaches in zin and poured it over my french toast. I figured it might be a little too acidic since it was sitting out so long, so I added some honey. Also yum! I bet it would go really well over ice cream.