Prepare rice noodles—immerse in boiling water and drain. If you have not used cooked rice noodles, know that there is a reason softening and then rinsing.

I usually do this with fish. Chicken, shrimp, whatever. If you use tofu, there's a process of squeezing and draining—(but that's another post).

With a bit of vegetable oil, quickly fry whatever vegetable you have on hand for a few minutes. Move to plate.

In same pan, add grated ginger root and chopped garlic to hot oil. A bit on onion if you have it. Just stir until fragrant. Do not brown.

Here is where it gets into what you have available.

You can add: a bit of water-but chicken broth is better (cubes, boxed, paste) or vegetable stock or cubes. Some sort of soy sauce—but not too much. FISH SAUCE IF POSSIBLE (it's my love ingredient, but hey, some people hate cillantro—plus, fish sauce can smell like rot to some), Thai curry paste, (green, red) or just a bit of regular curry powder (be careful with this—butter to add less). a bit of coconut or almond milk, half&half or milk (I prefer coconut milk), a pinch of sugar. a few dried shrimp (if you dare). Red chili flakes. Whoa if you have some Thai curry leaves or lemongrass. Add meat just to cook through. If just using vegetable, add after the simmering so you don't overcook.


Add drained rice noodle and toss. Add soy to taste.

Condiments: crushed peanuts, fresh cilantro (if you have/are into it) fresh basil, lime, bean sprouts. Again, it's all about what you have. The basic


And yes, it tastes really good the day after.