Have you ever added an ingredient to a recipe that seemed unusual but worked out amazingly, either on the recommendation of a friend or out of your own brilliance? Please share your brilliance! (If it is your grandmother's secret ingredient, you can share, we promise we won't tell her you shared the family secret, though maybe use a burner just in case)

For example, today I was making sauce for the pizza I'm having for dinner tonight (I like to start it at lunch and let it cook in the slow cooker all afternoon). Usually I use canned tomato sauce and paste, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, salt, and whatever herbs and spices I have around. I have to use a touch of sugar something because I can't get good canned tomatoes in my grocery store, and the fresh ones aren't really worth it here right now. But, today instead of using my typical brown sugar I decided to add a tablespoon or so of molasses, and so far it tastes amazing! The molasses helps cut some of the acidity and "tomatoyness" of the tomatoes without adding too much additional sweetness like the sugar can do if you add just a smidge too much. And, it helped make the sauce a lovely dark red color. I'm really excited to taste it after it has cooked for 6 hours!