Room for Seconds

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
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Room for Seconds is a group blog where the food lovers of the Kinjaverse can come together to share recipes, ask for advice, write restaurant reviews, and more. This is a space for everyone from professional chefs to the person who just now figured out how to get their stove to work. All are welcome, as long as you bring a love of food!

You're welcome to write your posts here or share them from another blog. Of course, if you're including a recipe, do make sure to give credit where credit is due—if you didn't come up with that recipe, please link back to the original source! My only other request is that you try not to step on Kitchenette's toes much, but that shouldn't be too hard given that you're all fairly normal people who don't hate-eat the entire Little Debbie lineup for fun and/or profit.


[ETA: If you write about specific recipes, try to tag/mention any applicable dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, low-cal, etc.) for the convenience of folks who may be looking for those things. It's not a requirement, but it's strongly recommended. Thanks to dawnell for the suggestion!]

To become an author, just ask in the comments on this post! I may not respond to you saying that you can post, but I will star your comment once you have privileges. And of course, feel free to share this to any other communities where you think folks might appreciate it.

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